Shaping Beverage Consumer Experiences with Investment in Bartending

Beverages play a critical role in the many parts of one’s day from quenching our thirst, to energizing our bodies and making some moments of our lives memorable. They’re an ever-present feature in our traditional ceremonies, Detty December activities, the rejuvenating after-work hangouts and they never cease to inject some freshness as they seep down into the throats of consumers.

Great-tasting beverages are a product of no accident. They are a result of constant invention and innovation, capacity building, and in-depth consideration of consumer insights.

Globally, there is no doubt that members of the bartending profession play a pivotal role in the curation of mesmerizing cocktail beverages that delight the tastebuds of consumers and ignite in them a sense of refreshment.

Often impeccably dressed and popularly spotted in many eateries, restaurants, and pubs across the nation, bartenders are ambassadors of the beverage industry uniquely, shaping consumer experiences and boosting sales of beverages. To many consumers, they are unfailing reference points for the selection of that perfect beverage that suits their taste, propels them to the moon and back, and teases pleasurable sensations out of their bodies.

Data from CGA’s Spring 2023 US OPUS Report reveals that 3 in 6 on-premise visitors are influenced by bartender recommendations when choosing which category to order from in venues. Thus, it’s important for brands and suppliers to not only understand trends but align with what’s going on in the bartender community and invest in the grooming and shaping of talents for the profession to enhance consumer experiences.

In an era where mind-blowing consumer experience is non-negotiable, it comes as no accident that the Ghana Beverage Awards Scheme, after 8 years of existence introduces into its repertoire of activities a bartending masterclass. This activity reiterates the commitment of the Scheme’s organizers to the advancement of various elements along the beverage industry’s value chain. To many stakeholders, particularly consumers, this breathes an air of excitement bearing in mind the benefits they stand to enjoy under the masterclass.

Ever wondered about the relevance of a bartending masterclass to shaping consumer experiences and delivering value to consumers? Here are a few insights.

Promotion of Responsible Drinking among Consumers: Bar tenders play a critical role in promoting responsible drinking among consumers. Thus, in the context of a masterclass, there’s an opportunity to emphasize the importance of responsible drinking. At training and capacity-building sessions, they will be equipped with knowledge to identify signs of intoxication and are trained to intervene responsibly to ensure the safety of customers. In the long run, bartenders will contribute to a more responsible drinking culture through consumer education and save many lives.

Enhancement of Communication Skills: Contrary to the perception of many people, bartending masterclasses are not only about teaching about the mixing of drinks but also about effective communication and customer interaction. Improved communication skills can help bartenders engage with customers more effectively, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience.

Enhancement of Product Knowledge: In-depth knowledge of the uniqueness of beverage products and ingredients is a skill that sets a bartender apart enabling him to give consumers memorable experiences. Thus, Masterclasses often cover topics related to different ingredients and their potential impact on customers with allergies or dietary restrictions. Empowered by this knowledge, bartenders are better positioned to make recommendations, answer customer questions, and provide information about ingredients and potential allergens to guide consumers in their choices thus warding off potential health risks.

Crisis Management: Crisis management remains a key pillar in bartenders’ capacity-building sessions. This component of bartenders’ training sessions grooms them to effectively handle difficult situations that may arise such as unruly customers or issues relating to overconsumption. Equipped with top-notch crisis management skills, bartenders help maintain a safe and controlled environment for an ultimate consumer experience.

The maiden edition of the Ghana Beverage Awards Bartending Masterclass promises to be an exciting one with world-class trainers and I bet you’re excited about it. Let’s get interactive on social for more information on the Scheme and remaining tailormade activities littered along the path to the night that rewards excellence in the beverage space