Voting opens for Ghana Beverage Awards 2023: Fierce Competition expected

Following a successful nomination period and bartending masterclass, Global Media Alliance, organizers of the iconic Ghana Beverage Awards have officially announced voting for the Product of the Year category for this year.

The voting exercise, scheduled from 1st April to the 20th of April 2024 promises a very fierce competition between Adonko Bitters, Bel Cola, Malta Guiness, Star Beer, Coca-Cola, Verna Natural Mineral Water, Tampico and Vitamilk Regular who have proven to be phenomenal by all standards for the year under review.

Beverage lovers simply need to dial *920*207 from all networks and follow the prompt to cast a vote in support of their favourite brand.

Over the years, the voting phase has been characterized with stiff competition with nominated brands employing creative strategies to canvass the most votes. Every year, there is an exponential increase in the number of votes cast by the public setting the stage for widespread interactions between competing beverage brands and their loyal consumers.

Speaking, Chief Director for Global Media Alliance, Emma Wenani emphasized the relevance of the voting exercise while calling on the public to vote massively for their favourite beverage brand.

“The voting phase marks an exciting moment in our journey to recognize and celebrate excellence in the beverage industry of Ghana, as organizers. We appreciate that this activity is a pivotal part of the awards process, where the voice of the people plays a crucial role in determining the ultimate winner. This motivates us every year to invest heavily for a successful voting period.

In view of this, we encourage beverage lovers to engage wholeheartedly in the voting exercise, as their votes will not only shape the outcome of the awards but also highlight the brands and products that resonate most with consumers,” she said.

She assured prospective voters of the highest standards of accountability.

“The scheme recognizes the importance of this exercise and has invested in a secure and robust voting platform that safeguards the confidentiality and accuracy of every vote cast. We remain committed to transparency and fairness throughout the voting process thus each vote is taken through several levels of scrutiny to ensure its authenticity before inclusion in the final tally,” she said.

GBA since inception continues to remain committed to its vision of projecting local beveragesunto the global scene. With time it has grown to become synonymous with excellence in the beverage industry. With a special focus on enhancing value along the entire beverage industry chain this year, the scheme organized its first ever bartenders’ masterclass to raise a new generation of bartenders whiles retooling existing ones.